Communication - Process

Brand Management Process

Everything a Brand does is communication. We are inspired in the belief that anyone can use communication to change the world and the way people responds to brands and reputations.

Based on over fifteen years of experience, in the marketing and strategic communication fields, the practice delivers both corporate and marketing communication strategies, starting from the analysis of the customer experience or brand positioning to the definition of brand communications.

Although the process will vary according to the nature and needs of the brand, five main steps are the practice project framework:

  1. internal-external audits: to define the “State of the Art” of the brand and products compared to competitors and brand perception in the customers’ minds.
  2. brand platform: the differentiating factors which frame the brand’s scope of influence, promise and the core brand signals that consumers will equate to the brand.
  3. customer experience design: the design of the new experience that will consistently deliver the brand to customers and stakeholders targets.
  4. internal communication: planning of strategic internal marketing to deliver brand values and products attributes and training leaders and employees to align behaviour to the new brand promise.
  5. external communication: designing communication strategies to cultivate positive relationships with the clients’ most important publics – communities, governmental officials, media.

We combine the one-to-one service of a boutique, with a vast reach of communication specialists, managing a brand by developing a process that requires aligning the traditional communication activities with the organisation capabilities.

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